Sell Outs

What is Sell Outs?

Sell Outs is a pitching party game for bad salespeople. Sell Outs is as clean or dirty as you want it to be, and it does not require specialized knowledge to understand the cards.

The game is simple. Each round, one player announces a problem from a problem card, and everyone else answers with their best product pitch with a random feature.

Sell Outs currently comes in two great flavors that taste great together. The base 450 card game, Sell Outs, and the portable Sell Outs - Traveling Salesman Edition

My face is hot from laughing so much!
--Setsucon Player
You made my old job fun!
--Retired salesperson
It is easily my new favorite party game!
--Kickstarter Backer
Lots of laughter... “best game ever!”
--Kickstarter Backer
...surges of laughter every single round. Awesome work!!
--Kickstarter Backer
It is a fun game for the family as well as adult game nights.
--Kickstarter Backer
Sell Outs

Product - Sell Outs

Sell Outs is the game about saying anything to get a sale.

Solve problems with your absurd solutions!

Are you plagued by honey badgers? Have you ever had trouble starting a revolution? Everyone has problems. Now you have solutions! Sell Outs is the game of solving your friend’s problems by pitching common items with odd features!

A spaceship that does not need any fuel, but flies really slowly. A rabbit’s foot that doubles as a great wingman. Anything is possible in Sell Outs!

It's a game that is ultimately as innocent or adult as your pitch!


  • 50 Problem Cards
  • 125 Product Cards
  • 275 Feature Cards
  • Family Friendly
  • Doesn't have to be, though
  • Probably not full of scorpions
Sell Outs

Product - Traveling Salesman

Sell Outs - Traveling Salesman Edition is the portable game of pitches.

With nearly 20,000 solutions in every box, Sell Outs – Traveling Salesman Edition packs a lot of content into a small, portable package because every card has two options to choose from!

Take turns pitching wild and inventive products with unpredictable features to friends, neighbors, or strangers on a bus to solve their strange problems!

Could you sell a Refurbished Stick that Produces Free Energy? How about 100 strips of Bacon that Cause Minor Hallucinations? A Ship that Decays but Has Great Tech Support?

Pitch, embellish, and spin your products to get the sale. Be the first to Sell Out of your products, and you win!


  • 6 Problem Lists
  • 16 Double Sided Product Cards
  • 34 Double Sided Feature Cards
  • Can be added to the main set as an expansion
  • Totally still playable by itself
  • Its bite can kill a man in three seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sell Outs can be bought through the Bad Kerning website. Currently we are selling this game ourselves, shipping out of our homes in Northeast Pennsylvania.

No. It does have black and white cards, and each round is judged by another player, but that is where the similarity ends. In fact, Sell Outs was concieved because we were dissatisfied with games like CAH.

In Sell Outs, you make a solution for a Problem Card using a Product Card and Feature Card from your hand, as well as a Random Feature Card. You should talk to your judge to prove why your product is best.

No. There are some similarities, because you are pitching your own product.

In Sell Outs, instead of drawing a customer card, you draw a Problem Card that introduces a scenario, and your product is made up of a chosen Product Card and Feature Card from your hand, as well as a Random Feature Card.

No. You do draw a random feature card for your pitch.

In Sell Outs, you are not just pitching a product, you are pitching your own product to solve the problem scenario. You might be trying to sell a car, and your opponents might have a zepplin.

No. You do end up using one white card and two black cards as your product.

In Sell Outs, one of your Feature Cards is drawn at random, and your products aren't fighting, at least not explicitly.

No. You are supposed to make a sales pitch, but not for a new company.

In Sell Outs, you want to create a Product to solve your customer's Problem.

No. I think you clicked on the wrong button. Try here.

Sure. When placing the order, select 'Local Pickup', and your shipping cost will be $0. You will be responsible for picking up your copy. If you want it delivered, you should not select 'Local Pickup'.

It's both an expansion and a standalone game!

The cards in Sell Outs - Traveling Salesman Edition are designed similar to Sell Outs, so the 50 cards from the Traveling Salesman Edition can be added to Sell Outs like an expansion.

Sell Outs - Traveling Salesman Edition is also a game by itself, with double the content per card, and it was designed to be portable.